Positive Gundog Training

Positive Gundog Training with Jane Ardern

I offer one to one and group training for Gundogs


One to One Training is Available in Bury and Manchester Areas.

Group Training is held in Barnoldswick, Lancashire on Thursday and Saturday Mornings

We teach:

General Obedience and Steadiness

Recall (Come when Called)

Focus, Off Lead Connection.

Teaching you about engagement and how to play with your dog.

Hunting and Retrieving

Directional Control

Placeboard Training

All Training is Find, Fair and Effective and I use Clicker Training , Food Rewards, Toys, Affection and Praise .

I have limited availability for one to one training and is available on Wednesdays at 11am only

One to One Training is £90 per hour


Email Jane@clickertrainer.co.uk  or call WaggaWuffins office on 0161 761 0174 to book